Tobacco Road’s Top 5 Duke Carolina games

Ahead of what will be the most epic of UNC vs Duke games with the stakes higher than usual. The basketball Gods have rewarded us with a DUKE v. UNC Semi Final game. This one has star power, and will serve as a defacto reunion game in what is fittingly Coach K’s final UNC game. I’m extremely excited about this game and the cherry on top will be another Kansas title. Gonna be a legendary final four this year. What a perfect ending to the season. BEAT DUKE!


[The following is an excerpt of a  chapter from my upcoming book, Tao of the Passing Big Man, and other essays. Due out if ,and when we survive this global pandemic.]

With only 8 miles separating the schools, it is only natural for a  rivalry to develop between Duke University (a private school) and University of North Carolina (a state school);especially as both basketball programs continued to develop in their competition for the state (and the nation’s) top basketball talent. Being in such close proximity only lends to more intrigue; much like two neighboring high schools. Teams hop on the bus to go play in the next town, and after the game, win or lose, they got to get on the bus to go back. Anyone who played high school athletics knows that feeling. Only a few miles separate Wake Forest, NC State, Duke, and North Carolina. This is what…

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