Random quotes from Bill Bradley’s “Life on the Run”


“The money and the championships are reasons I play, but what I’m addicted to are the nights like tonight when something special happens on the court. A back-door play that comes with perfect execution at a critical time charges the crowd, but I sense an immediate transporting enthusiasm and a feeling that everything is in perfect balance.”



“But there are a few games every year when I am neither personally competitive nor in pursuit of my team ideal. I simply play for the joy of the game shooting and passing without calculation. I forget the score and sometimes go through a quarter without looking at the scoreboard. I don’t think about my movements. I feel good running and bumping, and I get an overall sense of whether we are playing well, executing intelligently and precisely, by the crispness of the passes, the timing of the plays, and the enthusiasm with which we communicate. On those enjoyable nights fatigue is a stranger.”


This a good ass read. Fa Reals.