Good Ass Games of the Week: The OLD IN/OUT Treatment

Due to time and schedule constraints, there will be very little foreplay in today’s post. I’m not very good at quickies, but we are going to have to go straight to the penetration So let’s get it in.

Monday: Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing but Washington-Houston. Digest at your own risk.


You can tap the vein if you really need to watch some Eastern Conference ball you can peep the Atlanta-Cleveland game. People say that the Hawks are playing well, and my response to that is that some people think cucumbers taste better pickled.

Spurs-Memphis can’t possibly match their last game can it?

Phoenix-New Orleans will be interesting. I think Anthony Davis is going to have a big game. Can’t wait to see this match-up of Davis vs. the Phoenix bigs.

will be Gucci.

Best Good Ass Game of the night will be Toronto-Portland (two of my favorite North American cities). Kyle Lowry vs. Damien Liilard. MMMMMMPPPPPHHHHH

New Orleans on the back to back with San Antonio waiting for them. I’m into it. Phoenix vs. Oklahoma City will definitely get up into the triple digits. If you like fast paced, run and gun hoops, then you gotta make time for this game. Oh &%#@! New Year’s Eve. What a better way to finish the year up than with an action packed game like this.


Recover from hangover. No games.

Friday After Golden State and Toronto go at it, be sure to watch the Grizzlies maul the Lakeboys.


Spurs-Wizards should be a good game. I’d even suggest peeping that Portland-Atlanta game and think about what would have happened had Portland drafted Al Horford instead of Greg Oden.


Toronto-Phoenix won’t disappoint if you need to tap the vein. Big weekend for Dallas fans with the PLAYOFFS???!!!! and Dallas-Cleveland going at it in the afternoon.

Enjoy the Wild Card Weekend. Time for some tacos and cervezas. Yes, I am back in Texas.

Happy New Year everyone!


A Week of Good Ass Games

The more hoop I watch, the clearer it becomes to me how wack the other major sports are. This week really drove that point home. The National Football League’s on the field product is too goddamned boring to justify all the off-the-field bullshit that is going on. It’s like W-W-fucking E with all the drama outside of the white lines. It has gotten so bad that corny ass sports columnists have become major football stories.

Now with the new rules, they may as well put skirts on the quarterbacks and call it powder puff football. Look at this. This is now an illegal hit. I have no interest at all in watching flag football when I could be playing it. No thank you. “You can keep that. Don’t holla at me no more I’ll holla at you.” I liked it better when the NFL didn’t pretend it wasn’t a gladiator sport.

I love playing and coaching baseball, but let’s face it, that shit can be so boring to watch. Baseball is wack for the fact that in the American League a dude can rake in millions of dollars just to bat four times, not play the field, and sit in the dugout and spit sunflower seeds on the ground.

I know that in the NBA the Eastern Conference is the JV to the Western Conference varsity games, but that just means I can direct my focus on only 8 or 9 or 10 teams (and sometimes Chicago). This has been a week of good ass games, starting with
the Milwaukee-Phoenix nail biter, and ending with the Spurs-Mavs.
Tonight’s San Antonio-Dallas game was worth watching even without the Spurs’ top four players playing. I got to finally get a good look at Kyle Anderson, the Spurs first round draft pick (he looked good at times, made some rookie mistakes but I like that he is getting some minutes this early into the season). I also got to watch the Mavericks usher in the Rajon Rondo earlier.

I’m happy for Rondo for a couple of reasons: #1. He is out of the dreaded Eastern Conference. #2. He is finally free of the negativity that is associated with Boston sports. it is no picnic for anyone who plays there, but black athletes dating back to Bill Russell can attest to the difficulties of playing in the city of Boston. Texas is a warmer state (socially and climatically) with lower taxes and he’ll be appreciated in Dallas–playing for one of the best owners in sports.

Rondo is like one of your friends who has been seeing someone that everyone knew was getting a little “strange” on the side. The Celtics have been sneaking around behind Rondo’s back, calling other folks on the phone, sending secret texts and denying that they were looking around for something better.

How is a dude suppose to relax with all that going on? People have been saying for years that Rondo is an island, but maybe he was put on an island by the Celtics a long time ago. Ever since they traded Perkins to the Celtics, there has been an obvious disconnect between the words of Celtics’ front office and their action.

I’m happy for Rondo. He has a talented core of guys to run with, and a genius head coach to put him in a position to succeed. Fuck Boston.

Rondo looked a little in shock but still played well enough to help the Mavs win. He had a couple of nice dimes and a decent game overall with 6 points, 9 assists and 7 rebounds (6 of them in the first half). Monta Ellis went full throttle during the end game of the 4th quarter and got 38 points. Even without Duncan, Ginoboli, Parker, and Kawhi Leonard, it managed still a “Good Ass Game.”

I’m sure some of you are thinking, “Bobby Mickey, does this mean you’re a Mavericks fan now?” Hell no. But it doesn’t mean I can’t dig watching them. Rondo has always been in my opinion underrated, and I think he will finally be in an environment where he can thrive. Anywhere there is a pass first point guard who can rebound and play defense like Rondo, you best believe I’ll be tuning in.

For the rest of their season they have become the “Must Watch Mavs.” If they can fortify their subs on the front line, they will be as good as any of the other top flight teams in that conference (you could talk me into Memphis, San Antonio, Golden State, Clippers, or OKC depending on what day it is).

Good Ass Games of the Week


Somehow I missed that the Grizzlies were playing in Cleveland tomorrow. Well if you are reading this right now while your date is passed out, or in the bathroom taking off their makeup, then don’t let brunch last TOO long. Drop them off in time to at least watch the second half of the game.I’m sure it’ll be worth it. The GrizzleBees should mangle them.


Portland-Houston In all the Rondo to Dallas excitement, people have slept on Houston’s trade for Corey Brewer. Brewer can defend the perimeter, and is a very good role player who has 3 NCAA rings and an NBA title. Say what you will about Houston, but you can’t call them busters this year. Portland is rolling right now, with everyone playing really well together. “Dark Nowitzki” (big ups Sam) and “Late Game Dame” willed the Blazers to a big win Friday night against the undermanned Spurs (a combined 75 points out of the 129 they scored that night). They are ready to go deep in the playoffs. They remind me of the 2011 OKC squad that made it to the Western Conference for their first time as a franchise. They have that look about them.

Speaking of the undermanned Spurs, they are pretty banged up right now. This could be a very short playoff run for them without Kawhi Leonard. He is the difference between getting to the Finals and getting knocked out in a fiercely contested first round. They have played and lost 3 “Good Ass Games” (2 of them unbelievably good triple overtime affairs) this week.

It doesn’t get any easier for them against the Clippers on Monday, who are looking scary good. J.J. Redick has finally figured out what will keep him in the league and he is doing that well. I knew that he wouldn’t be able to tear up the NBA like he did the ACC, but its good to see he has found himself a good situation. That pick n roll with Chris Paul is so much nastier with guys who can spot up, and they make defenses pay for over committing to the rolling big men.

“Tap the vein” Monday continues with Golden State-Sacramento. The first half of the Golden State-OKC game was the best half of basketball I’d seen all season–up until KD hurt his ankle (Durant had scored 30 points in 18 minutes, missing only 2 shots). The second half atmosphere was deflated a little when it became clear that Durant wouldn’t be back out, but by the fourth quarter it had already wrapped up “Good Ass Game of the Week.” Danny Green hit some big shots this week to make it a little closer than it should have been. I could watch and re-watch the first half of that game over and over again. MMMPPPHH!


Portland vs. OKC
Dallas vs. Phoenix
Golden State vs. Los Angeles Lakers

And they do run run run, they do run run. Look out! The Thunder have played themselves back int the playoff hunt and its no longer a matter if, but of where they will be seeded. Sacramento’s season is over. Unless Phoenix (who have been losing too many close games–you gotta beat those Eastern Conference teams–those are gimmes) and New Orleans make trades, they can call it a wrap. It will probably be the same playoff teams as last year as one super famous former Michigan alum correctly predicted.

Christmas Eve. Get ya money!



This two games are the only Christmas presents I need. The only thing that would make these match ups better would a healthy Andrew Bogut for the evening showcase–my pick to click for “Good ass Game of the Week”


There may be some pushing and shoving in what will no doubt be a physical game. Besides that, Friday may be a good time to capitalize on that holiday cheer and see who came into town for the holidays. Regardless whether you are giving, or receiving, make sure you wrap up any gifts that may come down the pipeline that weekend.

Trust me. Tonight is the night to get out and do something. You don’t want to be home watching the Pelicans-Bulls on a Saturday night do you? If you must watch it, at least go out to a bar, have a few drinks and talk to to people.

Houston-San Antonio
Oklahoma City-Dallas
Phoenix vs. the LOL Lakers

I can’t think of a better way to begin the week can you? Happy holidays and winter solstice. We are only a couple of weeks away from 2015. It’s time to chill, reflect, and project for the next year. As crazy as the world is, there is a lot to look forward to. If we have our health and our family,our hoops and our friends, then we have a lot. Everything else is gravy.



Basketball is my Girlfriend

It is what it is. I’ve missed my window for finding something warm to curl up with for this winter, but at least basketball season coincides with this time of the year. I’ll never be lonely as long as I got hoop on my mind, though the springtime will be a different issue, as the warm weather and hormones work in tandem to create a need that basketball alone can’t satiate.

In college there was this young lady in my linguistics class that I became acquainted with. She was tall, brunette and besides a little bit of acne, she was gorgeous. She worked as a volleyball coach at a local high school, and she also happened to love basketball. We got along swimmingly despite her being a Duke fan. One particular Thursday night in the midst of the playoffs, we had a date planned. I realized early that afternoon that the Rockets (back when they had T-Mac) were playing and there was no way I could miss it.

She wasn’t old enough to get into the bars, so I had a dilemma on my hands. This wouldn’t be the first (nor the last)time I’d break a date in favor of watching basketball. I called her up about 4:55 and was setting her up to let her down, when she suggested I come to her dorm room and watch the game. Problem solved.

Later that night, while watching what was a blowout game, we made a bet about the 2001 Blue Devils roster. I knew I was right and could have easily bet something a little less innocuous than a back rub, but anything more than that seemed icky (Things that are great independently don’t always mix so well).

So we checked the internet, and of course I was right (I think the bet was if Chris Duhon played on that championship team). I got a fantastic back massage (which is way rarer than good sex), while the Rockets beat down the Mavericks, and then later……well let’s just say it got a little warm in that single dorm room.

I was too young then to know that I was experiencing joy in its purest form, but I knew that moment was a pretty special one. If something like that happened to me now at 35 (soon to be 36) I’d probably lock that down with the quickness. But I was a young cat, and I had a lot of places to visit, and things to do. She had no intention of ever leaving Texas I think– I don’t know it was never that serious–we were on that casual tip. She did hit me up about a year and a half later.

I was living in Austin and was about to leave Texas forever in less than a week. Now that I think about it, I should have hooked up with her one last time before I left the state. She was a fun gal. But most importantly, she understood that basketball was my girlfriend and she was just my mistress. She knew how to give, and she knew how to share. And if you understand those principles in life, then you understand basketball.

Enough reminiscing, let’s talk about these Good Ass Games of the Week:


Spurs-Portland These aren’t the same fresh faces that got swept in the playoffs last year. The Spurs are a little banged up and Portland has looked pretty good so far this year. If this gets out of hand late int he third or early in the fourth quarter, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Popovich pull the starters. San Antonio has a week of tough opponents ahead of them.


Golden State vs. Memphis This would be THE GOOD ASS GAME OF THE WEEK if not for Thursday night’s game. With no Bogut, or David Lee, the match up plays into the Grizzlies’ hands. Bogut and Lee are both big men who can force Z-Bo and Gasol out of the paint, and open up the floor. Plus that is more fouls to use against the Memphis big men. Tony Allen vs. the Splash Brothers will be a fun thing to watch too. I hope these two teams face each other in the playoffs with healthy rosters.

OKC-SAC later night. As of tonight, Sacramento is half a game out of eighth place and they just fired their head coach Mike Malone. Maybe Shaq can provide some insight on TNT this week.


Memphis vs. San Antonio Griz on the second end of a back-to back. Don’t read too much into this one, because the Spurs may just run them out the building. San Antonio has been spanking them ever since Memphis knocked them out of the playoffs a couple of years ago.

Milwaukee vs. Phoenix as a backup plan. Phoenix has not looked anywhere as good as last year. The way the roster is set up now, I don’t think they have enough to make a deep run into the playoffs if they somehow sneak in. They may need to make a trade. Ryan Anderson would be a perfect fit on that squad. Brooklyn is also trying to get rid of some salary too, if the Suns are serious about this year, they need to get on the phone and make a move.

Something I heard from Jalen Rose a couple of weeks ago that I totally agree with, is that they don’t seem to have a leader. After watching a few of their games this week, I’m almost completely sure that this is going to have to be Eric Bledsoe’s team. If they go into the playoffs with no one who can take the big shot at the end, this will end up looking like the Blazers of yesteryear (1999-2000 was a fun team but whose team was it?). Stay tuned.


Oklahoma City goes to Golden State. This is will probably go down as one of top ten Good Ass Games of the Year. Last year this happened,

Believe me when I say this game will be worth breaking a date for.


Chicago-Memphis will be a dogfight. The only thing standing between me and this game will be Dave Chappelle at the Brady Theater. I can’t lose! The show starts at 7:00, so maybe I can catch the 4th qtr of this one (unless by chance we catch one of those marathon affairs that he is known for).

Portland-San Antonio also in the early round of games. Two games in one week almost guarantees this game will be a tight affair. I expect a physical game and lots of loud “GO SPURS Go” chants. If I had a mistress, we’d definitely be having a basketball threesome at AT&T Center. If that gal starts actin’ up I’ll just take her friend!

What’s the Word?? LAL? More like LOL!!!!! Oklahoma City goes to Los Angeles to play the Lakers. The Thunder have pretty much owned the Lakers since the days when KD and Russ were just neophytes and were susceptible to Pau Gasol put backs during that 2010 run. Russ loves going back to L.A. and going HAM for his hometown folk. Hustle Westbrook gets no less than 38 points this game because the Lakers have no one who can stop him. If you like Laker beatdowns, and seeing Kobe getting pissed off and barking at his teammates, then this is the game for you.


Spurs-Mavericks I was so hype for this game until I realized that the Spurs were also playing the Friday night before. This is a classic “Popovich sits the starters” game. I was even thinking about buying tickets for this one too. WOMP WOMP WOMP!

If you have nothing better to do on a Saturday night, you can peep Bucks-Clippers, or Phoenix-New Orleans, but honestly this may be one of those nights to take one your less interesting chicks on a date. You can even take them to a bar where the game will be on with no sound. You can halfway listen to your date and occasionally glance at the score on the television. Everyone wins!!!


Lakers-Kings and Pelicans-Thunder are worth stopping in on if and only if “Lil Brow Wow” and “Boogie Down Productions” are playing for their respective teams. If not, then take Saturday night’s date to brunch, drop her off at her crib and then get some rest for Monday. With the holidays approaching, you can get away with not calling her for a while, but the great weekend you shared will still be fresh in her mind. Hell, keep it on ice til New Year’s and I guarantee the champagne won’t be the only thing to get popped on Dec. 31st. Trust me on this, I’m a doctor.

Before I go, big shout out to “Maple Jordan”, Andrew Wiggins for winning “Rookie of the Month.” Keep it up young man, and you’ll make the both of us look good (forget what I said about the T-cubs–I did say A-Wiggs would get the ROY award or at least share it with Jabari. And don’t say they don’t give it to players on losing teams. The Sixers tanked last year and they still gave the award to Michael Carter-Williams). Until next week, I’m OUT!!!!



Spent the weekend up in the “Larry” for Friday nights Florida-Kansas matchup. It was an 8 O’clock game, which is usually plenty of time to get turnt up on that drank. We got a little flaskE dub hit the E-Dub a little and followed this big booty girl up to the Fieldhouse. We stumbled upon some good seats at face value for a cool hondo, thinking it was a good deal, until we ran into the guy’s brother-in-law, who was practically giving his away for 20 bucks. Turns out 100 dollars was NOT the cheapest offer we would find, our man “Mack” swore up and down the cheapest we’d find would be 200 bones. #lessonlearned.


It seemed longer than 8 months since my last visit to Allen Fieldhouse, the Texas drubbing that culminated with this dunk.

With more than an hour to go I couldn’t figure out why bro-in-law couldn’t get rid of his tickets. An hour later, and minus a buzz, the stadium looked like this

The first half was dominated by the Gators, their guards kept penetrating into the paint and dishing off to their big men for easy dunks and layups. When the Jayhawks did get stops, they’d undermine their efforts by failing to get a defensive rebound. Kansas’ Frank Mason hit a shot at the buzzer, but the team was down by 18 points at the half. As listless as the Jayhawks looked, I knew that all they had to do was quit giving up penetration, get some rebounds, and shoot better shots.

The second half didn’t start off that great, but a hustle play by Perry Ellis, and Frank Mason got the crowd into the game (standing ovation even though Florida maintained possession). The crowd got loud and things got realy hype once the Jayhawks knocked the lead down to single digits. It was the loudest I’d ever heard the crowd since I’ve been going to the games, and by the 2 minute mark, it was clear who was going to win. As hype as Allen was, the town was pretty chill for a Friday night. Even the college radio station was playing some sleepy, whiny indie music that was killing my buzz.

Watching the sloppy first half reinforced my bias towards NBA over NCAA–just a better product to watch. I mentally crossed off three games I had circled on the Jayhawks’ schedule, Texas (missing their pg and not looking that great either), Oklahoma, and Oklahoma State (I may still go just to see what a game in Gallagher Arena is like). I plan to be at the Big Monday game against the Iowa State Hoibergs. That may be the Big 12 good ass game of the year as far as I’m concerned. On to the Good Ass Games of the Week:

Boston just lost a 2OT game to Washington. John Wall went gangbusters, 26 points 17 assists, but i’m trying to finish this thing up so I can watch that Suns-Clippers game. It’s been a long day so I’m happy there isn’t much action to cover tonight. I plan to be in bed no later than 12:30 tonight.

Dallas-Memphis in the battle of the barbecue states. I’ll be watching this one fa sho.

I’m curious how Dallas will feel on the back end of this back-to-back, but the good ass game of the night will certainly be Houston at Golden State (I hear it is going down out in the Bay Area with all the protests going on out there and in D.C. and New York–more on that later)

Lebron comes to Oklahoma City. Wait. I live an hour and half from Oklahoma City. Why aren’t I trying to go to this game? Oh that’s right. I don’t want to put any money into Clay Bennett’s pockets. I’ll be watching this joint on tv at my favorite pub.

Portland-Chicago The Bulls may end up being involved in the Good Ass Game of The Week two weeks in a row. I can’t wait for this one. If you really need to tap that vein, peep the Lakers-Spurs or the Cleveland-New Orleans game.

Start the night off by watching Golden State-Dallas and then go get a drink to celebrate. That one is definitely going to be worth stopping in on.

mmppphhhhhhh Oklahoma City-Phoenix If you miss it, at least catch the highlights on this one. I can’t say I will attend it, but if I did, best believe I’m getting my ticket off a scalper.

But in all seriousness, this police brutality shit has got me bugging on some somber wavelengths. I love basketball, but it is hard to separate my political leanings with the people responsible for militarizing the police. It has been an emotional couple of months, and it hurts to think about the families who lost loved ones unnecessarily due to police violence. It is crazy as it ever was, and we all gotta take time to just breathe. Shit has got to get better in this country.




What’s Good?


There were a slew of Good Ass Games last week, including a B-Ball watching extravaganza on Friday. Six straight hours of watching basketball on a Friday night, and I couldn’t have been happier. Of course, once those games are over, reality sets in, and I realized that I made no plans for the late night tip. #poorplanning

Since I’ll be going to the Florida-Kansas game on Friday, let’s start with some college hoop. Kansas clearly has a lot of talent, but some of the pieces are not fitting. Bill Self recruits the guys to fit his system, and he always has talented big men, but there is only one basketball. If the ball is distributed evenly each player gets to touch the ball 20 percent of the time. The other 80 percent of basketball involves things other than scoring.

Obviously the Jayhawks are talented, but there is always someone bigger and badder on the block. Kansas ran into the big and bad Wildcats and got stomped. Part of that was talent (Kentucky is clearly the most talented team in the country), but Kansas also didn’t play that smart—which also contributed to such a lopsided score. Kentucky will be impossible to beat if a team is depending on isolation sets and one primary ballhandler. Kansas is not a very good passing team, and Kentucky just waited on the Jayhawks to drive to the rack so they could block their shot.

Michigan State didn’t fare as well defensively against the Jayhawks strategy. They fouled Kansas and put them on the free throw line. Every time the Jayhawks got fouled taking it to the rim, you could see an extra pass leading to an easier bucket. Kansas has to learn how to make that extra pass. Svia Mikhailhiuk gets it, and Frank Mason is looking more comfortable with each game (I really like that backcourt combo–I think they have good on court chemistry).

The problem with recruiting the “one and done” player is the constant turnover messes with cohesion. This is still a young Jayhawks team and the learning curve is almost as steep as last year’s squad. Roles have yet to be established and defined, and all the highly recruited cats come in thinking they are “the man.” Kelly Oubre has yet to look comfortable on the floor, and Cliff Alexander shows flashes of highlight reel potential, but they definitely play like Freshmen.

Cliff Alexander is definitely going to be ill, but I get nervous anytime the Kansas big men (outside of Perry Ellis)put the ball on the floor (do I have an affinity towards big men who can pass? Yeah you could say that). There are no “stretch fours” on the team and you see a lot of clogged lanes on the offensive end—not a good thing if your team doesn’t shoot well from the perimeter.

A basketball team is a community, and in a community different people take on different roles to make that community work. Some people do multiple things well. Some people are really great at one particular thing and mediocre at other things, but communities thrive when everyone is put in a position to succeed at what they are best at. By conference play, the Jayhawk players are going to have to figure out what roles to assume in order to help their team win.

Maybe Cliff Alexander decides that no one is going to outrebound him or get past him on defense, and whatever points he scores along the way is gravy (Kentucky’s Anthony Davis was the fifth leading scorer on that championship team but managed to control the game in every other aspect).

Maybe Wayne Selden decides that no matter how many points he gets on the offensive end (Can he be a “3 and D” guy in the NBA?) that his guy will get locked down on the perimeter. Maybe Frank Mason looks to drive and kick rather than drive and finish, with Svia Mikhailiuk there on the perimeter to keep defenses honest. And maybe Bill Self can get his guys to feed Perry Ellis 15-20 touches a game (he looked really good this weekend in Orlando).

Let’s switch gears and talk about that other team in Kansas–no not the Wildcats silly. I’m talking bout them Shockers. Despite losing Cleanthony Early to graduation last year, Wichita State is just as fun to watch this year. Ron Baker and Fred Van Fleet is the best backcourt combo that no one is talking about.

The way those two guys get their teammates involved is beautiful to watch. Van Fleet had 21 points on 6-11 shooting, 9 assists and ZERO turnovers. As a matter of fact, Ron Baker didn’t have any turnovers either, and he shot 6-14 with 19 points. Of Wichita State’s 25 made field goals, 18 of them were assisted.

People hate on the Shockers for playing in a less renowned conference against “inferior” competition, but if you like smart, beautiful basketball, then catch a Shockers game. They are a real treat to watch and play against Utah on Wednesday. I’ll be watching them play as much as possible this season (and possibly next if both Baker and Van Fleet come back to play with transferring guard Conner Frankamp).


OKC vs. New Orleans Would you believe it if I told you that I haven’t watched an OKC game since Russ Westbrook broke his hand. It feels good to put the Thunder on the Good Ass Games list again (for however long it lasts).

Toronto vs. Sacramento Damn. Demar Derozan……I hope he gets well soon. A groin tear sounds really painful, and I was just coming around to enjoy watching the Raptors play too. If you happen to catch this particular game, try to imagine playing an updated version of NBA JAM with these two teams. Which 3 players would you go with? I was thinking about this when I was watching the Hornets the other night (another good NBA jam team). You gotta admit, it’d be fun to play.

Memphis at Houston
Before the season began, both of these teams were my “bubble” teams. I’m still not sold on Houston’s role players just yet and I think they’ll come down to earth by March. As for Memphis, I’m not surprised by how well they are playing at all–Gasol has kicked it into another gear this year. What does surprise me is that they are healthy. It is a loooooooonnnnnggg season, so who knows what will happen.

But Memphis has been looking really tough. I also like that former Michigan State sharpshooter Shawn Respert is an assistant coach there, while Brevin Knight is a color commentator for the organization. It is little things like these that make me realize how fucking old I’m getting.

Chicago at Charlotte
I’m not crazy about the Hornets this year, but there is something very comfortable and relaxing about their announcing team of Steve Martin and Dell Curry. Listening to their play-by-play makes me want to eat Bojangles Chicken and drink sweet tea (or maybe I just had the munchies).

Also, how did no one tell me how hot the dance team was for the Hornets? I’ve been to Charlotte so maybe this shouldn’t have been a surprise but damn! i mean peep this photo from, MAH LORD I DO DECLARE!!! ITS GETTIN

I just may peek in on Lakers vs. Wizards, if only to see that Washington backcourt knock Kobe and co. back to earth. But again, that may be a case of “doing too much.”

Cleveland vs. New York It is always fun to see what Lebron will do when he steps onto the floor at MSG. Will his performance spawn inspiration for another rap tune?

Portland-Indiana This is the best I’ve seen Chris Kaman and Steve Blake play which leads me to conclude that Portland is a haven for white and light skinned players. Seriously, this demographic just thrives up in the Pacific Northwest. Imagine what Brent Barry’s career would have been like had the Trailblazers drafted him? then again it is too cold to surf up there, so maybe he wouldn’t have dug it.

New Orleans vs. Golden State This is going to be a good one, and I will probably only get to catch the highlights because I’ll be en route to Lawrence, Kansas. This one has “Good ASS Game of the Week” written all over it. in a couple of years, if Portland and Golden State play their cards right, these two teams could be jockeying for the Western Conference top spots for the latter part of the decade.

The Spurs will hit a small snag where they will be middle of the pack but still making the playoffs, and once Dirk retires, the Mavs will suffer a slightly worse identity crisis. There is nothing that anyone can say that can convince me that Westbrook and Durant are going back to OKC. Who will fill that power vacuum in the west?

Cleveland-Toronto Eastern Conference Finals Preview? Any takers? By the way, what’s up with this #mynorth commerical? #TorontoAINTHOOD

Memphis-San Antonio
Western Conference Finals Preview? Any takers?

Phoenix-Dallas You can tell Phoenix is really missing the spacing that Channing Frye (another light-skinned guy who flourished in Portland–he still has a home there) provided for the team. Everyone has to work just a little harder to get buckets. It’s so crowded that Gerald Green is throwing alley-oops to himself. Cue up the old ’05, ’06 playoff games NBATV. Those were the days!

Clippers-Pelicans Two of the best power forwards. Going at it. ‘Nuff Said.

Golden State-Chicago No way in hell I’m missing this one. There are gonna be some sick dimes dished out in this one. The overused phrase of the night will be “Oooh Filthy!”


Basketball Movie of the Week:

Gunnin for That #1 Spot. Directed by Adam Yauch.

This is from the first Elite 24 game back in 2006. I first watched this movie back in ’08 when all these young cats were still in high school and college. Cole Aldrich, Lance Stephenson, J.J. Hickson, Tyreke Evans, Brandon Jennings, Kyle Singler, Jerryd Bayless, Kevin Love, and Michael Beasley were all apart of this event as high school kids. I watched it again this past week, and was struck by how so much had happened in 8 years.

These guys are all NBA veterans now. It is always interesting to go back and watch that kind of stuff with the knowledge of what their futures hold. It’s kind of weird. Anyway, it is worth checking out. There was a bonus disc with my copy of footage of a 2-on-2 pick up game with Beasley and his coach vs. Yauch and someone else. MCA had a little bit of game. I bet he was fun to play ball with. By the way, what is up with Beasley? He must have some serious stuff going on if he hasn’t been picked up by a team. Damn.

Big week of hoops. The first week of December is off to a good start. Enjoy these good ass games.