Good Ass Games of the Week: The OLD IN/OUT Treatment

Due to time and schedule constraints, there will be very little foreplay in today’s post. I’m not very good at quickies, but we are going to have to go straight to the penetration So let’s get it in.

Monday: Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing but Washington-Houston. Digest at your own risk.


You can tap the vein if you really need to watch some Eastern Conference ball you can peep the Atlanta-Cleveland game. People say that the Hawks are playing well, and my response to that is that some people think cucumbers taste better pickled.

Spurs-Memphis can’t possibly match their last game can it?

Phoenix-New Orleans will be interesting. I think Anthony Davis is going to have a big game. Can’t wait to see this match-up of Davis vs. the Phoenix bigs.

will be Gucci.

Best Good Ass Game of the night will be Toronto-Portland (two of my favorite North American cities). Kyle Lowry vs. Damien Liilard. MMMMMMPPPPPHHHHH

New Orleans on the back to back with San Antonio waiting for them. I’m into it. Phoenix vs. Oklahoma City will definitely get up into the triple digits. If you like fast paced, run and gun hoops, then you gotta make time for this game. Oh &%#@! New Year’s Eve. What a better way to finish the year up than with an action packed game like this.


Recover from hangover. No games.

Friday After Golden State and Toronto go at it, be sure to watch the Grizzlies maul the Lakeboys.


Spurs-Wizards should be a good game. I’d even suggest peeping that Portland-Atlanta game and think about what would have happened had Portland drafted Al Horford instead of Greg Oden.


Toronto-Phoenix won’t disappoint if you need to tap the vein. Big weekend for Dallas fans with the PLAYOFFS???!!!! and Dallas-Cleveland going at it in the afternoon.

Enjoy the Wild Card Weekend. Time for some tacos and cervezas. Yes, I am back in Texas.

Happy New Year everyone!


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