A Brief Intermission

I skipped All-Star Break to heal my bones and mind, and to catch my breath. While some of you were oohing and ahhing over Zach Lavine, and Victor Oladipo, I was drinking Brass Monkeys in the warm air of the Big Easy. The time off gave me a time to reflect on the first half of the season, and look ahead to the trade deadline and rest of the regular season. The playoffs start in less than two months, and the line between the contenders and pretenders is quite blurry.

I’m curious as to where Amar’e Stoudemire ends up after his buyout with the Knicks. Sometime last week I had a dream that he was in talks with the Golden State Warriors (to the point of even hearing the over the phone negotiations between Steve Kerr and Amar’e–a little weird to say the least).

What will the Thunder do to nail down a rotation to get them through this stretch run. They haven’t had a consistent starting nine all season, and the backup point guard has yet to play well enough to justify his demands to be a starter for a contending team.

Phoenix is not better this year much to my chagrin–I’m not ever sure if they are as fun as last year’s squad. Will their penchant for losing close games come back to haunt them down the stretch? Do the Pelicans have enough help for Anthony Davis to get New Orleans to the playoffs?

Before we get to the second half of the season’s Good Ass games, let us reexamine the season preview where I made some bold, and not so smart predictions.

First thing off the bet, I was incredibly wrong about the Atlanta Hawks. Not only did I not think they would be worth watching this year, I didn’t even think they would be legitimately good. Big ups to Al Horford, who made his team a contender instead of going elsewhere in pursuit of that “Chip.”

I also did not think Memphis was going to be as lucky with health as they have been. Besides Vince Carter (who is 63 and still suiting up occasionally) there have not been any lingering injuries to this team. I thought for sure Zak Randolph would miss some significant time. How could I have known they’d finally trade Tayshuan Prince for Jeff Green?

I was also wrong about the Timberwolves being a fun team to watch this year. I should have said they would be a fun team to play with on NBA2k15. Shabazz Muhammad is better this year, and Zach Lavine gives Wolves’ fans something to talk about near the water cooler.

Andrew Wiggins is making me look somewhat respectable by pretty much locking up the ROY award. Other than that, things are still as bleak in the “land of 1,000 lakes” as ever. I was expecting this year to finally be the year Ricky Rubio stayed healthy. WRONG!!!!

I knew that Steve Kerr would be great for the Dub’s, but I’d have had to been smoking some super-duper headbanger boogie herb to have foreseen what is going down in Oaksterdam.

Here is what I had for the standings during the season’s preview:

Eastern Conference
1. Cleveland
2. Wizards
3. Raptors
4. Chicago
5. Miami
6. Charlotte
7. Milwaukee
8. Atlanta

Western Conference

1. Clippers
2. OKC
3. Spurs
4. Mavericks
5. Warriors
6. Phoenix
7. Portland
8. Houston

Here is what the standings really look like as of today February 15, 2015

Western Conference

1. Golden State
2. Memphis
3. Portland
4. Houston
5. Dallas
6. Los Angeles Clippers
7. San Antonio
8. Phoenix

Eastern Conference

1. Atlanta
2. Toronto
3. Chicago
4. Washington
5. Cleveland
6. Milwaukee
7. Charlotte
8. Miami

With the right stroke of luck, Detroit could easily steal a spot from Miami or Charlotte. Other than that, I feel pretty good about my early assessment of the East, although based on the way Cleveland and Atlanta are playing, I think those are the two teams most likely to meet in the Eastern Conference Finals.

As for the West, I don’t think the standings matter. There are no cupcakes to face in any round for a team to face.

So about these Good Ass Games:

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday



Starting the second half off right with two Marquee games

Oklahoma City-Dallas, and San Antonio-Los Angeles. After a whole week of not watching any hoop, I’ll be well rested and chomping at the bit. As my boy Busta used to say, “Gimme some MORE”


Toronto vs. Atlanta for the “tap that vein opener” and Golden State vs. San Antonio. Remember that time “Pops” rested his starters and the Warriors still got beat? Yeah I’m sure Golden State remembers that too.


Don’t plan your night around this, but Chicago-Phoenix will be a fun watch. If its between watching this and having some “relations”, I wouldn’t begrudge you missing this one. Especially if that someone looks half as good as this young lady. Klay be getting buckets!!!


You got all day to clean house, cut the yard, do laundry, or whatever. Get that stuff done so you can watch the Portland-Memphis game. If you miss it, you’ll feel like the guy I saw down at Mardi Gras wearing an Austin Rivers jersey. He certainly would have gotten the Buster of The Week Award had it not been for the Penn State Student section.

This is exactly why they should have had their football program taken away. It didn’t take them long to get back on their high horses after the whole culture of “Ninny Lions” enabled a monster to repeatedly rape disadvantage little boys.

Pedo State, you guys are the true definition of Busters and the only Busters bigger than the JoePa defenders are the people who believe that taking money and paying players is a ‘crime’ significantly worse than allowing school facilities to be used as a grooming stable to RAPE LITTLE BOYS!!!. Find a mirror and look into it Happy Valley Alum. You guys are suckers! I’m out.



“We’re Going Streaking!!!!”

Atlanta tho!!!

The Hawks who I slighted in this year’s preview, have yet to lose in 2015; winning 19 straight and are 40-6 for the season. I tuned in to the watch the Atliens play Portland the other night and was impressed with how krunk it was. I guess I should not have been surprised, since it is the birthplace of Krunk music. What bugged me out though was the arena organ player throwing down some French Montana during a key defensive stand.They beat the Blazers and continued their streak. Hawks are fa’real ya’ll.

Good Ass Games This Week


Atlanta-New Orleans

This is contingent on the health of “Lil Brow Wow” Anthony Davis. He is supposed to play tonight. We’ll see. Otherwise you’ll have to watch Memphis-Phoenix. If you are trying to watch some college hoops (which I rarely recommend this season), get down on some Iowa State-Kansas on the four letter network. Allen Fieldhouse should be hype, that is if the old people in the building don’t make the young fans sit down so they can see. TURN UP!!


Slim Pickings that night, but you can tap that vein as Golden State takes a trip down I-80 out to “Sactown”. Warriors will be getting it in versus the Kings. We know what happened last time don’t we?


Dallas-Golden State
Oklahoma City-New Orleans

Bulls-Houston may be the best bet of the night. Oklahoma City has been struggling to get on the same page of late, and I’m convinced it isn’t just health. Their offense is explosive at times, but also highly predictable.

Good teams know how to D up for the Thunder. They don’t do anything fancy, they just try to out run, out shoot, and out jump teams.This strategy has its limits, and when the superstars sit down for any length if time, their offense becomes an eyesore.

I look at Atlanta as if they are a west team these days, so if you can sit through a Wizards game, go ahead and tune in to that game.

Golden State-Dallas would be a lot more sexy if Rondo was playing. Get well soon Rajon.



Two really good teams that I really don’t like to watch play. Will I watch? Hell yes. Will I enjoy it? Maybe. I can’t lie though I was impressed with Kyrie Irving’s 55 point game. Bro was relentless against Portland. His game is nice for sure, but I’d much rather watch a certain light skinned brother out of Davidson play ball–but that’s just me.

Speaking of Portland, How did my man “Late Game Dame” get stuck on the outside looking in. Bro is an All Star and a sure fire lock to make first team on Bobby Mickey’s “Non-Kosher All Star Team”. Reserved for the ballers who have been going HAM!

Portland-Phoenix will be an up and down affair (big shout outs to the Jayhawk alumni who’ll be playing that night) with some elite guard play.


Miami-San Antonio

Should be a good one. I’m liking this Hassan Whiteside kid. He’s been a double-double machine since he got into the league (he even got a triple double one night–posting 12 blocks). After I found out he played high school ball with Iowa State legend, Deandre Kane, he was dope by association alone.

Clippers-Raptors and NOLA-OKC if yoy really wanna tap the vein, but nothing will be ass good as

the Good ASS GAME OF THE WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!
Golden State vs. Atlanta If you are a pretty girl who don’t like basketball and you see me at the bar; transfixed to the TV screen, just keep walking. If you ain’t messing wit hoop, I ain’t messing wit YOU.


Dallas-Portland and Chicago-New Orleans will be entertaining, but I wouldn’t sacrifice a Saturday night (and your significant other’s wrath) for either of these games. If the only thing you tryna tap that night is them veins……. well this will certainly do.


Atlanta-Memphis will overshadow all the other games on Sunday’s slate. Will the Hawks still be soaring by Sunday? Will they get mauled by the Grizzlebees? The only thing that would make this game better is if these teams were playing on Martin Luther King Day.

It is only when the Clippers come to Oklahoma City that I remember that Blake Griffin is a native okie.

Portland-Houston will be fun and the Raptors will give the Spurs a good run that night.

This is the first Sunday in a long time there will be no football to distract me, which brings me to the


Pete Carroll had a chance to cement the Seahawks dynasty and spare everyone from a bukakke of “Tom Brady and Bill Belichick are the greatest coach and QB” headlines. I’ll give the Patriots their due. Sure they cheat, but that had nothing to do win Pete Carroll letting 53 grown ass men down when he decided to pass the ball from the 1 yard line; instead of handing the ball off to the best back in the NFL today. Everyone on that team did their jobs but Pete.

The margin of error is so small during the playoffs, and Pete Carroll had finally convinced me that he’d stop doing Pete Carroll type of things. #Baddecisions. The Seahawks lost that game more than the Patriots won that shit, and the blame starts and stops with Pete Carroll trying to be a rocket scientist instead of a football coach.

I can’t imagine what it feels like to be him, and I don’t want to.That was the most devastatingly bad decision I have seen on such a national stage. Unforgettable. Unbelievable.

People talk about Nelson Cruz’s missed catch in the 2011 World Series, or Bill Buckner’s gaffe. I remember where I was when Scott Norwood missed the game winner against the New York (football) Giants, and the Chris Webber timeout in 1992. This is way worse than any of those events. Never have I seen a coach pluck defeat from the jaws of victory on such a grand and national stage. Pete Carroll, you sir; are the BUSTER OF THE WEEK.

Alright, enough of that nonsense. Football season is over. I’m about to get down on these Good Ass Games.




Good Ass Games of the Week: The OLD IN/OUT Treatment

Due to time and schedule constraints, there will be very little foreplay in today’s post. I’m not very good at quickies, but we are going to have to go straight to the penetration So let’s get it in.

Monday: Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing but Washington-Houston. Digest at your own risk.


You can tap the vein if you really need to watch some Eastern Conference ball you can peep the Atlanta-Cleveland game. People say that the Hawks are playing well, and my response to that is that some people think cucumbers taste better pickled.

Spurs-Memphis can’t possibly match their last game can it?

Phoenix-New Orleans will be interesting. I think Anthony Davis is going to have a big game. Can’t wait to see this match-up of Davis vs. the Phoenix bigs.

will be Gucci.

Best Good Ass Game of the night will be Toronto-Portland (two of my favorite North American cities). Kyle Lowry vs. Damien Liilard. MMMMMMPPPPPHHHHH

New Orleans on the back to back with San Antonio waiting for them. I’m into it. Phoenix vs. Oklahoma City will definitely get up into the triple digits. If you like fast paced, run and gun hoops, then you gotta make time for this game. Oh &%#@! New Year’s Eve. What a better way to finish the year up than with an action packed game like this.


Recover from hangover. No games.

Friday After Golden State and Toronto go at it, be sure to watch the Grizzlies maul the Lakeboys.


Spurs-Wizards should be a good game. I’d even suggest peeping that Portland-Atlanta game and think about what would have happened had Portland drafted Al Horford instead of Greg Oden.


Toronto-Phoenix won’t disappoint if you need to tap the vein. Big weekend for Dallas fans with the PLAYOFFS???!!!! and Dallas-Cleveland going at it in the afternoon.

Enjoy the Wild Card Weekend. Time for some tacos and cervezas. Yes, I am back in Texas.

Happy New Year everyone!



Spent the weekend up in the “Larry” for Friday nights Florida-Kansas matchup. It was an 8 O’clock game, which is usually plenty of time to get turnt up on that drank. We got a little flaskE dub hit the E-Dub a little and followed this big booty girl up to the Fieldhouse. We stumbled upon some good seats at face value for a cool hondo, thinking it was a good deal, until we ran into the guy’s brother-in-law, who was practically giving his away for 20 bucks. Turns out 100 dollars was NOT the cheapest offer we would find, our man “Mack” swore up and down the cheapest we’d find would be 200 bones. #lessonlearned.


It seemed longer than 8 months since my last visit to Allen Fieldhouse, the Texas drubbing that culminated with this dunk.

With more than an hour to go I couldn’t figure out why bro-in-law couldn’t get rid of his tickets. An hour later, and minus a buzz, the stadium looked like this

The first half was dominated by the Gators, their guards kept penetrating into the paint and dishing off to their big men for easy dunks and layups. When the Jayhawks did get stops, they’d undermine their efforts by failing to get a defensive rebound. Kansas’ Frank Mason hit a shot at the buzzer, but the team was down by 18 points at the half. As listless as the Jayhawks looked, I knew that all they had to do was quit giving up penetration, get some rebounds, and shoot better shots.

The second half didn’t start off that great, but a hustle play by Perry Ellis, and Frank Mason got the crowd into the game (standing ovation even though Florida maintained possession). The crowd got loud and things got realy hype once the Jayhawks knocked the lead down to single digits. It was the loudest I’d ever heard the crowd since I’ve been going to the games, and by the 2 minute mark, it was clear who was going to win. As hype as Allen was, the town was pretty chill for a Friday night. Even the college radio station was playing some sleepy, whiny indie music that was killing my buzz.

Watching the sloppy first half reinforced my bias towards NBA over NCAA–just a better product to watch. I mentally crossed off three games I had circled on the Jayhawks’ schedule, Texas (missing their pg and not looking that great either), Oklahoma, and Oklahoma State (I may still go just to see what a game in Gallagher Arena is like). I plan to be at the Big Monday game against the Iowa State Hoibergs. That may be the Big 12 good ass game of the year as far as I’m concerned. On to the Good Ass Games of the Week:

Boston just lost a 2OT game to Washington. John Wall went gangbusters, 26 points 17 assists, but i’m trying to finish this thing up so I can watch that Suns-Clippers game. It’s been a long day so I’m happy there isn’t much action to cover tonight. I plan to be in bed no later than 12:30 tonight.

Dallas-Memphis in the battle of the barbecue states. I’ll be watching this one fa sho.

I’m curious how Dallas will feel on the back end of this back-to-back, but the good ass game of the night will certainly be Houston at Golden State (I hear it is going down out in the Bay Area with all the protests going on out there and in D.C. and New York–more on that later)

Lebron comes to Oklahoma City. Wait. I live an hour and half from Oklahoma City. Why aren’t I trying to go to this game? Oh that’s right. I don’t want to put any money into Clay Bennett’s pockets. I’ll be watching this joint on tv at my favorite pub.

Portland-Chicago The Bulls may end up being involved in the Good Ass Game of The Week two weeks in a row. I can’t wait for this one. If you really need to tap that vein, peep the Lakers-Spurs or the Cleveland-New Orleans game.

Start the night off by watching Golden State-Dallas and then go get a drink to celebrate. That one is definitely going to be worth stopping in on.

mmppphhhhhhh Oklahoma City-Phoenix If you miss it, at least catch the highlights on this one. I can’t say I will attend it, but if I did, best believe I’m getting my ticket off a scalper.

But in all seriousness, this police brutality shit has got me bugging on some somber wavelengths. I love basketball, but it is hard to separate my political leanings with the people responsible for militarizing the police. It has been an emotional couple of months, and it hurts to think about the families who lost loved ones unnecessarily due to police violence. It is crazy as it ever was, and we all gotta take time to just breathe. Shit has got to get better in this country.