#TooMuchAmazing [posted 5/9/14 on sportsblog.com]

What a first week of playoff basketball. 7 overtime games in the first round is an NBA record, and even Magic Johnson says its the best basketball he has seen in 35 years. Of course, that’s not all Magic Johnson had to say this week.

Everyone has given their hot sports take on the Donald Sterling issue, and everyone who knew who he was can’t act like they are surprised (I like how his wife acts shocked and is trying to distance herself from him–she been married to him how long? Spending his money without any questions about his housing practices– I ain’t buying it!). C’mon folks. We all knew the score. The difference now is that he is (allegedly) on tape making these comments to his Mexican-Black girlfriend. What is crazy is that when I listened to the tape, I immediately felt sorry for the both of them.

Throughout the conversation, it sounds as if Sterling is manipulating her and Sterling is wielding the power dynamic in his favor. But then I remembered that she was taping him without his knowledge, and that she was actually the one calling the shots. Why was she taping their conversations? What did she have to gain from releasing these tapes? Two days later, Magic Johnson is involved with an ownership group that wants to take the Clippers off his hands. In the words of Arsenio Hall, “these are things that make you go hmmmmmmmmm”

Enough about that nonsense though. I’m sure every one of Sterling’s friends and associates are just shaking their heads behind closed doors, wondering how someone can be worth 2 billion dollars by being such a dummy. Sterling got played.

How ironic would it be that Magic does get the Clippers somehow, getting back at Donald Sterling and Jim Buss in the process? This is a story worth keeping tabs on from this angle alone. But the bigger issue will be if the league makes Donald Sterling sell his piece of the pie and how that will be approached. It’s hard to guess what will come about in a league where throwing a flying elbow at a superstar’s throat is less of a penalty than a minor dust-up between two players that led to innocuous results.

I’m looking forward to watching tonight’s Mavs-Spurs game at 8:30 CST. Watching the OKC-Mem series made me realize that OKC just doesn’t have the coach to win the chips. I’m not saying they should fire Scott Brooks, but I don’t think its a stretch to think that OKC would win it all if Rick Carlisle was the head coach. From everything I have read (still have yet to watch a single minute–somehow this series has taken a back page to the other series), Carlisle is giving “Pops” a run for his money. Tonight will be the first game I actually get to watch.

I’m starting to look bad on my Houston-Portland prediction, as well as my Clippers-Warriors prediction (then again who could predict such an ill-timed leak of massive proportions). I don’t mind being wrong though, especially with games as entertaining as these. Let’s see how this week plays out.

Buffalo Braves vs. Boston Celtics

Before I sign off, R.I.P. wishes to Dr. Jack Ramsey. Back when I was a kid and always grounded from television, I could only get NBA when I listened to it on the radio. Dr. Jack consistently hipped me to subtle nuances about the game that the average analysts were not putting out there. I didn’t even know about the Rip City ’77 championship until I was much older and knew a thing or two about Pre-80’s basketball. I just thought he was this cool ass old man on the radio, turns out the dude is a basketball legend. If they ever make a movie about his life I want Larry David to star in it. I hope the people in Portland do a cool tribute for the man. #basketballneverstops

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