Nuclear Winter??? [Originally posted on 3/5/14]

Senior Night tonight at Allen Fieldhouse. Texas Tech comes to town. It will be undoubtedly be an easier game than the last one. Home court advantage has to be worth at least 5 points (If I were betting on the game), I personally think it’ll be a double digit victory.

The regular season title has been won outright, and even if the loss in Gallagher Arena wasn’t a surprise, it still was disappointing that they didn’t nut up and wrestle that game away from Oklahoma State on Saturday–in front of Danny Manning and half the OKC Thunder team. It would have been a big statement to go into Stillwater and rip the heart out of everyone wearing black and orange. Instead, they let the Cowpokes hang around, and once it got close, Marcus Smart took over. Once again, the difference between a veteran team and a young squad. As I said before, there is no reason to panic, but when the Jayhawks aren’t hitting from the outside, it just gets ugly. I think no matter what, the season is a success. Teams rarely lose all five starters from a season ago and then go on to win conference–not in this era of college hoops. From the way they have looked all season, nothing outside of a first round knockout would surprise me. It’ll be interesting to watch for sure.

Maybe it’s this whole Ukrainian uprising/invasion that has me feeling sour. But I’m tired of fighting it and I’m just gonna be negative for a few paragraphs:

I’m not digging on Wiggins’ flailing his arms out every time he drives the lane. I wish he’d just play basketball and get stronger–quit worrying about the refs and just start banging on fools son! Every time I see someone slap the ball out of his hands, Wiggins attempt at getting to the line makes me think of this.

As happy as I am about Joakim Noah’s play the last few weeks, I still can’t bring myself to watch the Bulls play. The ugly offense they throw out there reminds me of those old school,early 90’s Knicks’ squads. Lots of heart and effort, but not at all aesthetically pleasing. On Sunday a twitter update showed that Noah was well on his way to a triple double, and I still couldn’t bring myself to turn on their game. I just couldn’t do it.

I’m not digging recent talk by media heads that the MVP award is suddenly Lebron’s again because he scored 61 points against the Charlotte Bobcats Hornets. Yes he is the Best Player in the League. But it isn’t the “Best Player in the League” award, its the MVP award. Without Kevin Durant’s ice cold January, the Thunder would have fallen back into the back once Russell Westbrook (He’s baaaccccccccck) went down with that knee injury. Durant plays in a vastly superior conference, where there are rarely any nights off, and he has done it without his top 5 point guard. When Lebron takes a night off, Miami still has Bosh, and sometimes Wade. Just stop it already folks, and give KD what he deserves. Oh and by the way, KD only played 3 quarters last night and put up 42 points (on 20 shots), 9 Rebounds, 3 assists, 2 stls and 1 block. Lebron played almost the whole entire game the other night when he got his 61 points (on 33 shots–THOUGH admittedly James was extremely efficient).

Good Games This Week Dawg

Tonight of course there is the KU-TTU game which may not be as good as the SMU vs. Louisville game. But in the NBA, I might stop in on Golden State-Boston, just to watch Rondo pass to a bunch of scrubs.

Thursday gives us Spurs-Heat; Thunder-Suns

Friday is Portland-Dallas, and Indy-Houston

Sunday is Phoenix-Golden State (my favorite of the day)Indy-Dallas, Miami-Chicago, and OKC-LAL.

For the college kids we have:

UCONN-Lousiville, Duke-UNC, and Kentucky-Florida. All on Saturday.

Hopefully developments in the Ukraine won’t look as bleak by then. If only they could just settle the territorial/governmental disputes by a series of home and away games, instead of all this recent and potential bloodshed. Shoot baskets,not people.

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