New Recruits [originally posted on sportsblog 11/17/13]

KU scored pretty big with the # 4 and #12 rated players in the country in Cliff Alexander (Chicago Curie High) and Kelly Oubre (Findlay Prep).

Alexander is a natural power forward who will add some needed muscle for next year’s front line (the Jayhawks could easily lose as many as four bigs to the NBA draft). He is 6’8, 240 lbs.
Oubre is a 6’7 small forward who looks like he can play some 2 guard as well. His game kind of reminds me of Brandon Jennings. I liked his mix tape in particular because the beats on the video went hard. So I’m going to at least give him props for picking some good music to accompany his highlights.

It’s hard to say how good these guys will be and where they will fit into the lineup next year. I can easily see Andrew Wiggins, Perry Ellis, Jamari Traylor, and Wayne Selden all leaving for the draft after this year’s run. There will definitely be minutes for Alexander and Oubre will certainly be used as Wiggins’ replacement on the wing.
Now that Bill Self has gotten the two allotted scholarships filled, let’s concentrate on this year’s team.

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