Winter Flurries

Say hello and goodbye to the busiest trading deadline in NBA history. I updated my favorite websites every 20 minutes to catch up on any breaking news. Every 1 of 3 texts was NBA related from other junkies like myself. It was an exciting day. So who got better?

Oklahoma City may arguably have the best bench full of role players the team has ever had. Kyle Singler and Steve Novak should help stretch the floor the Thunder. I’m sure D.J. Augustin and Kevin Durant were hype to find out they’d be playing together again. Enes Kanter was a quality big too who was underexposed in Utah. He is already putting up numbers–getting 20 points in the first two games playing there.

More importantly, they shed some dead weight in Kendrick Perkins and Reggie Jackson. Both guys had put in some work during their tenure in OKC, but it was just time.

Detroit got a good deal in bringing Reggie along. Pistons look poised to take the 8th seed from Brooklyn, while Miami will certainly suffer with the loss of Chris Bosh (despite the crafty work of Pat Riley to get the Dragic brothers for next to nothing).

Finding minutes for a talent like Arron Afflalo is a good problem to have for Portland. They gave up very little for that acquisition. I was surprised there were no takers for his former backcourt mate Ty Lawson.

It looks like Phoenix is throwing in the towel this season by trading away half their team. Who knows? Maybe they’ll get lucky and draft Stanley Johnson, Jalhil Okafor, or Willie Cauley-Stein.

This Week’s Good Ass Games



It’s a shame that Blake is out for this one. I really enjoyed seeing him and Z-Bo tussle in the paint. The only game worth checking out tomorrow night.


“Tap that vein Tuesday” continues with Toronto-Dallas. Watch this game because you’re a fan of either team. I personally don’t enjoy watching Toronto play, but by all means tap that vein if you need it that badly.

Wednesday Between Dallas-Atlanta, Houston-LA Clippers, and San-Antonio-Portland, there should be no excuse for not finding a Good Ass Game to watch on Wednesday night. If I could only watch one of these games, then ATL-DAL would be my pick to click.


Golden-State-Cleveland is the “Good Ass GAme of the Week if Steph Curry is healthy enough to play. I just got chills thinking about the possibilities.

Phoenix-Oklahoma City will be competitive, however Phoenix made themselves slightly less watchable by trading away Isiah thomas and Goran Dragic. It will still be worth watching it to see Russ Westbrook get them buckets.


Golden State-Toronto for the undercard, and then finish the night off with Portland-Oklahoma City.This one might get nasty.


San Antonio-Phoenix gets the selection by default. I will personally find something else to do that night. If the game were in San Antonio, an earlier tip-off would allow a person to watch the game and have a Saturday night. 9:00 to 11:30 is a critical period in a person’s Saturday night. You have to commit to either staying in and vegging with your favorite pint of ice cream, or going out and socializing. I’ll have to check the weather channel before deciding.


Cleveland-Houston Ugh. Why can’t they both lose this game?

Clippers-Chicago Remember when people use to debate who was the better point guard between D.Rose and Chris Paul? Those people scattered faster than you can say “#1 draft pick Greg Oden.”

Buster of the Week Award:

To anyone who watched the Oscars over the Memphis-Portland game tonight. As my man from “Unforgivable” says, “That’s a Mistake!!!.

See ya’ll next week.


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