The REAL season starts in 3 weeks,on April 18th. If there is something time-sensitive that needs to be done, do it before then. Once the playoffs start, game over. That coupled with the approaching end of the school semester willtake up every little bit of my time for the next two months.

I’ve watched very little NBA over the past two weeks, partially due to exhaustion, but also because life has intervened. I’m gonna pull a Popovich and monitor my minutes over the next 3 weeks so that I’m fresh for the playoffs.

Last night’s Notre Dame and Kentucky game was easily the best college game that I watched this year. To be a Good Ass Game, does not only mean a competitive. A Good Ass Game is one that is played at a high level. Notre dame-Kentucky was a Good Ass Mutha#$%in’ Game. When you consider what was at stake, (trip to Final Four/Kentucky’s win streak) the intensity alone, made it worth watching. That might be the closest Kentucky will come to losing this year.

The Final Four should be a good one. For all the missed jump shots, bad fundamentals, and ugly officiating, watching the NCAA is still slightly better than standing on the gym sidelines waiting for next in pickup games.

Good Ass Games of the Week


Memphis-San Antonio

Never fails to live up to the hype. Grizz haven’t been looking too hot of late, but don’t sleep on them. Just like you wouldn’t underestimate a real Grizzly Bear–unless its that indie rock band…those guys are soft as Charmin tissue paper.

Oklahoma City- Phoenix

It is Russell Westbrook’s team now in OKC.


The “tap that vein” game of the week goes to Phoenix-Portland.


Clippers-Warriors on that late night tip. I’m into it.


Clippers-Phoenix Phoenix gets to play LAC on a back-to-back.

Dallas-Oklahoma City

What looked like a grab bag of various Western Conference finalists, looks now to be only 3 realistic teams, Warriors, Grizzlies, and the Spurs. I’m not buying the hype on Houston. Dallas doesn’t look all that good anymore. OKC and Portland get a mulligan due to crippling injuries to key players. I doubt I’ll even watch this game this week.


Phoenix-Golden State

Sigh. Just wake me up when the playoffs start. Now we are just watching games to see who gets seeded where. This last month is basically the conference tournaments without all the hype and pageantry.


Oklahoma City-Memphis

Get your Ya-Ya’s out while you still can. Build as much relationship equity as you can because you never know when a game 7 will fall on a date night. Don’t waste it on a meaningless game in April.


New Orleans-Phoenix


The NCAA Final Four.

I myself will be watching the college boys, but hey its your life. Do what you want.

Tip-off for the Michigan State-Louisville has already happened. I’m gonna lie on my bed and fall asleep to dudes bricking jump shots.




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