Notes From The Underground

The Rockets win last night just delayed the inevitable. It just proved to me that they need an otherworldly performance EVERY night out of James Harden to even have a chance against the Warriors. This is the first round I’ve been able to sit and watch full games without interruptions.

A few thoughts:

  • Draymond Green reminds me of this song by Thelonious Monk, “Ugly Beauty”. His game ain’t pretty, but its effective. #numbersdon’tlie.
  • Lebron and Steph Curry are playing like comic book characters right now, and besides a few duds, so is Harden. #superheroball
  • Speaking of James Harden, when is he gonna cut that beard? All I think about it when I see his face, are the amount of germs he must be carrying in that thing. Does he vacuum the pollen out of that thing every night before he goes to bed? Seeing any body part with that much hair on it creates a lot of reservations in my mind. I wouldn’t put my face near anything that hairy. That’s all I’m gonna say about that.

Let’s be honest. There is no way the NBA Finals is not going to be Golden State vs. Cleveland. This means it is going to be a GOODASSFINALS in my opinion. Cleveland is motoring along, playing hard and physical, and I think they will provide a legitimate test for the Dubs. Everyone hates Delladova right now. He is the perfect villain–basically an Australian Patrick Beverly (but better shooter). He plays hard, and reckless, and he has hurt some people who happened to get in the way. I personally hope someone drops the hammer on him soon, but that is just me. Where is Dexter Pittman when you need him?

Cleveland has the best player in the world right now, but Golden State has the best team in the league. Tristan Thompson is nasty on the boards, and everyone on the Cavs is playing effectively in their roles. They are a very dangerous team, and if Golden State makes any mistakes, don’t come mentally prepared to play, or goof around even a little bit, Lebron will make them pay for it. Golden State should win this in six closely contested games, but don’t be surprised if Cleveland wins in 7.

See ya next Thursday

Peace out,




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