A Flurry of Activity

This was an interesting week in the NBA, as we get closer to the season’s midgame.

Cleveland got better this week, but it was almost impossible for that to not happen. Getting draft picks for Dion Waiters was a steal, as the Thunder should have asked Cleveland to give them something to take Dion off their hands. In a vacuum the deal would not look that bad.

But consider that the Grizzlebees managed to pick up Jeff Green and Russ Smith, the Suns got Branden Wright; and the Pelicans found a way to trade Austin Rivers for Quincy Poindexter. The streets don’t look so hot in Oklahoma City right now. The more I watch them, the more convinced I am that Reggie Jackson won’t be there when the season begins next year.

Back to Cleveland though, Picking up Timofey Mosgov to replace Anderson Varejao was a clutch move. I like the J.R. Smith and Iman Shumpert moves for them too. Will this be enough to beat a western team. Hell No! But it does make the East a little bit more interesting–though not interesting enough to spend time watching to east teams go at it.

Good Ass Games of the Week


Oregon Ducks play Ohio State for the NCAA Football Championship, in Jerryworld. You could watch Brooklyn play New Orleans or you could watch young men beat each other’s heads in for no pay, as old rich dudes make money off it. We could make jokes about it being the equivalent of Mandingo fights, but its just too soon for that joke.

I’d rather just sit back and watch Urban Meyer collect yet another National Championship, and wonder how the NCAA piss tested a whole football team that resides in Eugene, Oregon and only got one dirty UA. I find that more shocking than WR Darren Carrington being ruled ineligible for smoking weed during the holiday break. How is that not discussed with the players? If I’m Mark Helfrich, I’m driving my players by the local head shops so they know where they can get something to beat the piss tests. #poortiming




Wizards-Bulls is a great primer before two delicious match-ups. Miami will get the brakes beat off of them by the Warriors, while the quietly hot Clippers face off against the the Trailblazers. “Late Game Dame” vs. “CP-3” in what I think will be the Good Ass Game of the Week.


Oklahoma City vs. Houston

There will of course be talk of James Harden leaving RUN OKC this week, and why KD will need to leave Oklahoma City to get that chip, because Thunder ownership is pulling the “okey doke” on fans and the team. Forget all that nonsense for a little bit and just marvel at this guy. Kevin Durant is the best.

If you wanna tap that vein, peep Cleveland vs. LOL Lakers. Even if Lebron and Kobe play I may still say “NO THANK YOU.” Oh who am I kidding? I’ll probably tune in around late 3rd quarter. What else am I going to be doing? Blogging? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!


Portland and San Antonio get it on again, while Golden State comes down to the OKC. If I were the type to buy myself a birthday present, I’d throw down on this game………


It is tempting to throw Golden-State-Houston and Portland-Memphis on the list, but Houston and Memphis get to play fresh while Warriors and Blazers are on that back-to-back tip. Believe it or not, I think Sacramento-Clippers will be competitive. Don’t sleep on an ornery “Boogie Down Productions” smacking “CP-3” and “BG Knock Out” in the face and causing a ruckus.


You can tap the vein with Toronto-New Orleans, but I will be wasting my life watching the Conference championships, which brings me to the Buster(s) of the Week award:

The NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE. It’s bad enough that the NFL thinks its viewers are idiots and that people can’t see behind the smoke and mirrors of this Ray Rice Fiasco (among other hypocrisies–I’m not going to pretend to be outraged because I’m not in the least bit surprised), but the flurry of really awful officiating in this year’s playoffs just reinforces why I barely pay any attention to football. The Calvin Johnson rule is idiotic and a giant middle finger to what makes football fun to watch. No matter who wins next weekend, I’m already over it. We all lost this weekend when they OVERTURNED that Dez Bryant catch today.

Be careful out there. The world is f%$#ing crazy!