Men and Boys


Last night’s Good Ass Game of the Week turned out be a sham. I had a feeling something was up when I heard Timmy D was sitting. To say last night’s results were a disappointment would be the understatement of 2016. As amazing as it was to see Curry get 37 points on 20 points, in 28 minutes of play, I missed a double OT thriller with my man Boogie putting in some work (and the Hornets still won). 

You are going to read and hear all kinds of overreactions within the next 48 hours, but the thing to remember is that it is just one game. That being said, there was a lot to take away from it:

  • Stephen Curry’s skill set makes him the most destructive force in the NBA. No one has ever seen a point guard who can shoot from anywhere on the court like he does, and it be a good shot. If J.R. Smith took the same kinds of shots that Steph takes (let’s be honest, sometimes he does), he would get skewered on social media, and yanked out of the game. He can’t be guarded, and whoever Gregg Popovich put on him created a major mismatch somewhere else. I’m not sure how he rectifies this in the future. Maybe Danny Green and Jonathan Simmons take their turns trying to wear him down?
  • The odds were in favor for this kind of game.The Spurs came in on 13 game winning streak.  They looked listless at times the other night in L.A. and I thought that was a bad sign.
  • Sometimes its good to get that ass whupped. It is easy to think you are better than you are when you play enough scrubs. I don’t think the Spurs have been particularly cocky or sloppy of late, but this was the first time they have played a team on the Warriors level. The Warriors came out more physical and aggressive, and when a few bad calls went the Dubs’ way, the Spurs were whining instead of getting big. When a team whups that ass like the Dubs did last night, either you come back stronger, or you fold up like lawn furniture (Lamarcus Aldridge, I’m talking to you especially).


Like I said, this is one game in January. No one wants to peak in January, and this is a good L for the Spurs to take. We’ll find out what they are really about in the next 3 games against the Warriors. One blowout is an aberration. If this happens 2 more times, then it is a trend, and we have to take it for what it is.

I was just as impressed with the Warriors defense as I was anything else (27 turnovers!!!!!). The Spurs struggled to get any consistent offense. They certainly helped Golden State by being stagnant with very little to no movement on the wings, but let’s give the Warriors credit for how voracious they were.

The Spurs had some unforced errors, but that is also due to the mental pressure put on them. The combination of that defense and the roar of that crowd had them shook. Dudes were very unSpurs like, and that is something you rarely see. It would be hard for me to imagine them playing that poorly, and the Warriors playing that well for 4 straight games in a 7 game series. As they like to say in the Bay, “Don’t even trip.” It’s hella early in the season.




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