The Weekly Hot-Take Roundup

Welcome to the Weekly Hot Take Roundup (AKA Knasty Knapp’s Spicy Takes); a place where world renowned (his world) opinion-artist Alex Knapp, slings the spiciest of takes down the unsuspecting throats of Fullsass readers. Did you ask for these hot-takes? Does it matter?

Portland Trail Blazers
  • Evan Turner isn’t fitting in, can’t take enough of the offensive load off of Dame and C.J. to positively impact the game.
  • Myers Leonard has fallen out of the rotation and should be traded immediately, his trade stock is plummeting by the day
  • Dame can’t do it all himself, and unless other guys step up big time (think C.J.’s ascension last season) we will lose more games then last year. FACT
Golden State Warriors 
  •  The sentiment that “Zaza can’t stay on the floor” is overblown and people don’t realize David West is completely washed up.
  • They will go on a 10 game win streak as soon as Klay gets out of this 3pt shooting slump. It probably starts next week.
  • Lets give JaVale McGee some burn huh? Love that guy.
LA Clippers
  • Blake Griffin is a fucking beast and when engaged is an overall more impactful/better player than CP3. HOT TAKE!
  • J.J. Redick is off to a horrible shooting start (like Klay). Maybe its because he spent too much time on his podcast this off-season.
  • This team makes a trade for Rudy Gay and goes to the Western Conference Finals. FREE RUDY!
Minnesota Timberwolves 
  • If you’ve watched any of their games yet this season, you’ve seen why they won’t win more then 41.5 games (Vegas over/under).
  •  People need to stop hating on Zach LaZine [editor’s note: Do we?]. He is an athletic freak with a perfect form pull up jumper. Any good coach could make that guy a legit starting Shooting guard in the NBA–which Thibs will do.
  • Chris Dunn might be more of an impact than Ricky Rubio RIGHT NOW. Trade Rubio.
Orlando Magic
  • Gordon isn’t a good enough 3pt shooter to play the SF and isn’t able to utilize his athletic advantage (greatest strength) if not guarded by 4’s.
  • Elfird Payton STILL can’t hit a 3 pointer to save his life, this makes year 3, move on.
  • IF and WHEN they trade Vucevic they will effectively be tanking the season, as he is their only true interior scorer and the only one of their big man who rebounds. I feel bad for Frank Vogul that Rob Hennigan fucked this up so bad. FIRE HENNIGAN!
Dallas Mavericks 
  • This is Dirk’s last year. I can smell it.
  • Harrison Barnes is good enough to be the #1 scorer on a okay/bad team and #2 scorer on an okay/good team.
  • Deron Williams is playing well right now, and it WILL continue. He’s still got it. This team makes the playoffs.


f16fe4_33a1706de82a46a9b053723415da08dc  Alex Knapp is a Portlander who has lived in Brooklyn, New York for the past 7 years. He is a filmmaker and actor currently working in HR to pay the bills. Alex is an avid NBA basketball fan who likely has an opinion on every team and every player, seriously – try him. You can check out his podcast with Anthony Levy, PDXPATS on Itunes. 

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