Clicks to Pick Week of 11/27/17



Cleveland at Philadelphia (Good Ass Game of The Week)

A lot of star power in this one. I think the 76ers can give them some run.



No Good Ass Games Scheduled



No Good Ass Games Scheduled




Milwaukee at Portland

Blazers fans are going to enjoy this one. Shout outs to Rob the Free Throw Guy. I always enjoyed his behind the basket antics– even if Wes Matthews wasn’t feeling it. I’d like to see a fake 30 for 30 short done on that cat. He was kind of a thing for a while.




San Antonio at Memphis

No Kawhi (bruised quad). No Conley (sore achilles). But maybe we’ll see a healthy Tony Parker in this one.

Minnesota at Oklahoma City

The last couple of games have been beautiful stretches of athletic basketball.



New Orleans at Portland

Finally going to see down and watch the Blazers play this year. In an article this past week, Jusuf Nurkic was quoted as saying that he is the best big man in the league. I would like to believe that he was misquoted,  and that Sports Illustrated forgot to add “besides Joel Embiid and Demarcus Cousins,” in the text. Although I just looked up his salary for the year, and the Blazers are getting him for a steal (wish I could say the same for the Evan Turner and Allen Crabbe contracts).


San Antonio at Oklahoma City

Spurs keep chugging along. Tony Parker is supposed to see some game action on Monday. Still no word on Kawhi Leonard yet; is it time for Spurs fans to panic? Hell no, but coach Popovich says he has never seen an injury quite like the one Kawhi currently has. Stay tuned.




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