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Cleveland at New York   League Pass or VIP Box

Lebron comes to Manhattan after sneak dissing the Knicks’ front office Saturday night, saying they should have taken Dennis Smith Jr.

Memphis at Milwaukee  League Pass or VIP Box

With the acquisition of Eric Bledsoe, the Bucks have gone from cute League Pass sensations to a legit concern for the rest of the Eastern Conference. It took Giannis 24 shots to get 28 points, but he affected Friday night’s game against the Spurs in so many ways. Also his breakaway 360 dunk was such a thing of beauty that it put me in tears.


No Good Ass NBA games on the docket, but the NCAA got some big time college games going if you’re bored. I won’t tell you who is playing because fuck the NCAA.


San Antonio at Minnesota League Pass or VIP Box

A team can only get so far with a bunch of role players and no superstar. Against the Bucks, they were within 2 points during the final 2 minutes of the ballgame and couldn’t get a bucket from anyone. Winning time is the point of the game where teams need their superstars to make plays, and this is where they miss Kawhi Leonard and Tony Parker the most. The team just fell apart during the 4th quarter against Golden State a couple of weeks ago, but the good news is that the Calvary is on its way (right?).

Don’t panic Spurs fans. As of today, the Spurs are on pace to go 49-33 for the season, and that is without Kawhi or Tony. Everyone has raised their game over the off-season.

Pau Gasol and Lamarcus Aldridge seem a little more relaxed this season, and more comfortable in the system. Kyle Anderson has stepped up his level of play this season, and suddenly Danny Green has handles and a pull up jumper. Rudy Gay looks like he is fully healed from his Achilles injury.

Brandon Paul looks to be the second coming of Jonathan Simmons, and Bryn Forbes has become this season’s version of Cory Joseph. Dejounte Murray is playing exactly what you would expect of a second year point guard (which is inconsistent). It is a long season Spurs fans. You just gotta hang in there a little bit longer (right????).

Meanwhile, the Timberwolves are ranked 27th in the league in defensive rating after finishing 26th in the NBA last season. Surprisingly, it isn’t offense that is their biggest problem; something I would not have expected to see from a Tom Thibodeau coached squad.



Golden State at Boston (Good Ass Game of the Week)   TNT

If you are wondering why the Warriors at times look so much more dominant this season compared to last year, consider their bench: Nick Young replaced Ian Clark. Omri Casspi replaced Matt  “The Barber” Barnes (because he be handing out fades), and Jordan Bell replaced James Michael McAdoo.


Oklahoma City at San Antonio     ESPN

The concerns that surrounded the Thunder going into this season are real. Their bench is thin. Billy Donovan has done nothing to distinguish himself as an elite NBA coach, and their three superstars have yet to find a rhythm. But you know what? It is still pretty early, and the Jazz just lost their best defensive player for 4-6 weeks. The Timberwolves, Grizzlies, and Blazers are falling back to earth themselves. Don’t bet on the Thunder missing the playoffs just yet folks.

New Orleans at Denver                   ESPN


Golden State at Philadelphia  League Pass or VIP BOX

Joel Embiid had himself a rough week. Willie Cauley-Stein put the clamps on Embiid, and though he still got 22 points and 15 rebounds against “Trilly” Cauley, it didn’t come easy. Last night against the Warriors, Embiid scored 12 points on 11 shots, and had 7 turnovers;posting an overall minus nine (-9) for the evening. Still, both teams put on a passing clinic, and was one of the more entertaining blowouts, you’ll see 2 teams play in the NBA.



No Good Ass Games on the Schedule



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