Clicks to Pick Week of 12/11/17


Portland at Golden State


Los Angeles at New York

Philadelphia at Minnesota


Milwaukee at New Orleans


No Good Ass Games Scheduled


San Antonio at Houston (Good Ass Game of the Week)

Oklahoma City at Philadelphia


No Good Ass Games Scheduled


No Good Ass Games Scheduled


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Clicks to Pick: Week of December 4th

Monday (Jay-Z’s birthday)

Milwaukee at Boston

This would be the Good Ass Game of the Week, but there is no telling which Milwaukee team shows up. As talented as they are, they are still a very young team. None of their impact players have championship experience. From a raw talent standpoint, they might be the most athletic team out east, but they are still hella green.

Detroit at San Antonio

Boban comes back to San Antonio, and two of the best coaches in the league face off. What more could you ask? Also where were you when this happened?


No Good Ass Games scheduled



Detroit at Milwaukee

Speaking of the Bucks, if you haven’t had a chance to see Giannis Antetokounmpo play in person, I highly advise it. I went to the Kings game last Tuesday, and I almost got kicked out of the arena. Babies were crying and kids were getting scared because I kept screaming every time Giannis made a nasty play. He really got loose in the 3rd quarter and scored 19 of his 32 points, blocking shots, throwing dimes, and taking cookies. From now on, if the Nigerian Nocturne comes to town, then I’m dropping everything I’m doing to go watch him play.



Los Angeles at Philadelphia

Simmons, Covington, and Embiid versus Lonzo, Kuzma, and Ingram. #NBAJAM2K18



Golden State at Detroit

Getting a pretty good dose of the Pistons this week. I fux with Luke Kennard. I thought he was going to be a buster, but I saw him hit a pretty nasty step back 3 pointer last night against Philadelphia that a lot of young guys would be scared to take at this level. Having Stan Van Gundy as your first NBA head coach can’t be a bad thing either.

Boston at San Antonio (Good Ass Game of the Week)

Maybe I’m just talking shit, but if this were the NBA Finals, would anyone outside of Cleveland and Northern California be upset? Word on the street is that Kawhi may be back pretty pretty pretty soon.



Philadelphia at Cleveland

Daddy Lebron spanked his newest protege last Monday, and he has been playing  better than anyone his age has ever played in the league. Totally unrelated, some 15 year-old pimple faced, Kyle Singler looking kid crossed me up at the gym the other day. My L.A. Gear sneakers failed me and I found myself falling onto the court after reaching for a steal. The kid missed the shot, but is that ever the point? The older Lebron gets the more I appreciate him as a basketball player.

Houston at Portland

I’m beginning to really dislike the Portland Trailblazers. Dame and C.J. get buckets, but I can’t rock with Jusef Nurkic, and Meyers Leonard and Pat Connaughton look like extras in a fraternity movie–but as members of the asshole fraternity, not the fun loving one. Can anyone tell me what is the difference between Ed Davis, Noah Vonleh, Farouq Aminu, and Evan Turner? They may as well be the Indiana Pacers. That is how much I dislike watching them play basketball.


Boston at Detroit

I don’t know how, but the Celtics have the best record in the NBA. I’m going to reserve any real opinions on them until January 4th– the night after they play the Cavaliers.



profile pic b mick  Bobby Mickey is the alter ego of writer and poet Edward Austin Robertson. When he isn’t involved in some basketball related activity, actively looking for parties to deejay or venues to perform comedy, he can be found recording podcasts with Craig Stein at Fullsass Studios. Follow him on twitter @goodassgame. For booking inquiries, send contact info to 






Clicks to Pick week of 11/13/17



Cleveland at New York   League Pass or VIP Box

Lebron comes to Manhattan after sneak dissing the Knicks’ front office Saturday night, saying they should have taken Dennis Smith Jr.

Memphis at Milwaukee  League Pass or VIP Box

With the acquisition of Eric Bledsoe, the Bucks have gone from cute League Pass sensations to a legit concern for the rest of the Eastern Conference. It took Giannis 24 shots to get 28 points, but he affected Friday night’s game against the Spurs in so many ways. Also his breakaway 360 dunk was such a thing of beauty that it put me in tears.


No Good Ass NBA games on the docket, but the NCAA got some big time college games going if you’re bored. I won’t tell you who is playing because fuck the NCAA.


San Antonio at Minnesota League Pass or VIP Box

A team can only get so far with a bunch of role players and no superstar. Against the Bucks, they were within 2 points during the final 2 minutes of the ballgame and couldn’t get a bucket from anyone. Winning time is the point of the game where teams need their superstars to make plays, and this is where they miss Kawhi Leonard and Tony Parker the most. The team just fell apart during the 4th quarter against Golden State a couple of weeks ago, but the good news is that the Calvary is on its way (right?).

Don’t panic Spurs fans. As of today, the Spurs are on pace to go 49-33 for the season, and that is without Kawhi or Tony. Everyone has raised their game over the off-season.

Pau Gasol and Lamarcus Aldridge seem a little more relaxed this season, and more comfortable in the system. Kyle Anderson has stepped up his level of play this season, and suddenly Danny Green has handles and a pull up jumper. Rudy Gay looks like he is fully healed from his Achilles injury.

Brandon Paul looks to be the second coming of Jonathan Simmons, and Bryn Forbes has become this season’s version of Cory Joseph. Dejounte Murray is playing exactly what you would expect of a second year point guard (which is inconsistent). It is a long season Spurs fans. You just gotta hang in there a little bit longer (right????).

Meanwhile, the Timberwolves are ranked 27th in the league in defensive rating after finishing 26th in the NBA last season. Surprisingly, it isn’t offense that is their biggest problem; something I would not have expected to see from a Tom Thibodeau coached squad.



Golden State at Boston (Good Ass Game of the Week)   TNT

If you are wondering why the Warriors at times look so much more dominant this season compared to last year, consider their bench: Nick Young replaced Ian Clark. Omri Casspi replaced Matt  “The Barber” Barnes (because he be handing out fades), and Jordan Bell replaced James Michael McAdoo.


Oklahoma City at San Antonio     ESPN

The concerns that surrounded the Thunder going into this season are real. Their bench is thin. Billy Donovan has done nothing to distinguish himself as an elite NBA coach, and their three superstars have yet to find a rhythm. But you know what? It is still pretty early, and the Jazz just lost their best defensive player for 4-6 weeks. The Timberwolves, Grizzlies, and Blazers are falling back to earth themselves. Don’t bet on the Thunder missing the playoffs just yet folks.

New Orleans at Denver                   ESPN


Golden State at Philadelphia  League Pass or VIP BOX

Joel Embiid had himself a rough week. Willie Cauley-Stein put the clamps on Embiid, and though he still got 22 points and 15 rebounds against “Trilly” Cauley, it didn’t come easy. Last night against the Warriors, Embiid scored 12 points on 11 shots, and had 7 turnovers;posting an overall minus nine (-9) for the evening. Still, both teams put on a passing clinic, and was one of the more entertaining blowouts, you’ll see 2 teams play in the NBA.



No Good Ass Games on the Schedule



profile pic b mick  Bobby Mickey is the alter ego of writer and poet Edward Austin Robertson. When he isn’t involved in some basketball related activity, actively looking for parties to deejay or venues to perform comedy, he can be found recording podcasts with Craig Stein at Fullsass Studios. Follow him on twitter @goodassgame. For booking inquiries, send contact info to 

Clicks to Pick Week of 11/6/17



No Good Ass Games Scheduled


Los Angeles Clippers at San Antonio

Memphis at Portland

Milwaukee at Cleveland



Minnesota at Golden State (Good Ass Game of the Week)


Cleveland at Houston


Los Angeles Clippers at Oklahoma City

Milwaukee at San Antonio


Philadelphia at Golden State


No Good Ass Games Scheduled


profile pic b mick  Bobby Mickey is the alter ego of writer and poet Edward Austin Robertson. When he isn’t involved in some basketball related activity, actively looking for parties to deejay or venues to perform comedy, he can be found recording podcasts with Craig Stein at Fullsass Studios. Follow him on twitter @goodassgame. For booking inquiries, send contact info to 

Clicks to Pick Week of 10/30/17


San Antonio at Boston   NBATV

Everyone wants on the Dejounte Murray bandwagon now. No sweat. Just as long as I get credit for being a day one Dejounte Stan. Murray gets to match up against Kyrie. Should be fun for that alone.

Golden State at Los Angeles Clippers  NBATV (Good Ass Game of The Week)

Going to be lots of trash talk in this one. It won’t be close, but it still feels like a rivalry because Golden State loves beating the Clippers.


Oklahoma City at Milwaukee NBATV

Star studded affair as the OK3 go up against the longest team in the NBA.



Minnesota at New Orleans (VIP BOX?)

Timberwolves have not disappointed in being one the most watchable teams in the west. This is basically a Kentucky Wildcat alumni game, with three of the best big men to ever come out of UK playing.



Golden State at San Antonio TNT

Deja vu.

Los Angeles at Portland TNT

If Lavar Ball pops off before this game, Damian Lillard might go for 60.



Cleveland at Washington ESPN

Must watch for the Jae Crowder/John Wall beef alone.

Boston at Oklahoma City ESPN

Push your date night to Saturday if you can.


Memphis at Los Angeles Clippers  (VIPBOX?)

I’m still not ready to pencil Memphis in as a playoff team, but Chandler Parsons and Mario Chalmers aren’t quite as washed as I thought they would be…….yet




Oklahoma City at Portland (VIPBOX?)

Who is going to guard Melo and Paul George? Russ vs. Dame should be fun too.


profile pic b mick  Bobby Mickey is the alter ego of writer and poet Edward Austin Robertson. When he isn’t involved in some basketball related activity, actively looking for parties to deejay or venues to perform comedy, he can be found recording podcasts with Craig Stein at Fullsass Studios. Follow him on twitter @goodassgame. For booking inquiries, send contact info to 

Everything is All Love With Kool Bob: My Run at the Full Court 21 NYC

You don’t have to be a basketball aficionado to have heard of the renaissance man Bobbito Garcia, AKA Kool Bob Love, AKA Bobbito the Barber. Sneakerhead, hip hop journalist and Radio DJ, the man has starred in many a documentary, and by the way, was also a B-Boy in the Rock Steady Crew.

Bobbito is a New York legend, whose imprint is on many things, but the basketball world was where I had first heard of him. I first did my Googles on him about ten years ago, after watching the Gunnin’ For that No.1 Spot documentary where he emceed the first “Elite24” basketball game at Rucker Park. 

Earlier this year I came across the Stretch and Bobbito: Radio That Changed Lives documentary and it blew my mind to learn that Garcia played a pivotal role in breaking many of the hip hop acts that I still listen to today. Not too long after that I find out that he is DJ Cucumber Slice from the NBA Streets video games. Basically every hobby I’ve ever thought of having, this guy has been paid to do professionally.

Needless to say I rock with him and DJ Stretch Armstrong pretty heavy. I spent a great deal of time digging up old uploaded You Tube audio recordings of their WKCR show  from back in the day (one of the best is an episode from June of 1994 where they say that “Rockets fans can feel balls”), and of course I follow them both on Twitter.

I’d heard good things about Bobbito’s latest basketball documentary, Doin’ It in the Park and watching it got me so gassed up about hooping, that I signed myself up for his annual Full Court 21 tournament– even though I’ve been threatening to retire from playground ball for the last year or so. The dates of the tournament lined up perfectly with my visit to New York City, and though I doubted my chances of winning, I knew I had to at least compete in it. 

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2017-2018 NBA Season Preview: A to the K

“A to the K?” 


“A to tha mutha*%$king Z”


~Hold up scene from the movie Wild Style



I love NBA basketball, but I find it unfortunate the off the court news is more entertaining than the majority of what happens on the court . We’ve had a lot of players changing jerseys to bridge the gap between the top four teams (Golden State, Boston, San Antonio, and the Lebrons). Some teams got better (Minnesota, Houston, Boston, Los Angeles, Golden State,Oklahoma City). Some teams got worse (Toronto, Utah, Memphis, Chicago and the Clippers) and some teams stayed the same (Detroit, Portland, Washington, San Antonio, and Dallas).

Although this season will undoubtedly be more competitive (at least out West),–all things being equal— I don’t see how a Warriors-Cavs finals is anything but inevitable. Luckily for me,  I’m a hard-core hoops fan, and NBA minutiae fulfills the geek in me. There is a lot more to a basketball season than who wins and who loses. It is a long season and if all you care about is your favorite team winning a championship, then outside of the four cities I mentioned earlier; there are going to be a lot of dissatisfied people. There is a lot to look forward to this year: new players in the league who look to be exciting, and older players looking to leave their mark on the league before their career is over. Personally, I’m looking forward to the various basketball threads I have running in my email and text message inboxes.  And with that, I’m happy to bring back for you: Bobby Mickey’s 26 most compelling NBA story lines: A-Z.


Adjusted schedules

Shout out to Adam Silver and staff on this one. Despite the national anthem edict, the man is such a breath of fresh air compared to that old Fuddy-Duddy–ass fun ruiner, David Stern. Silver saw a problem that was ruining the product and he wasn’t afraid to fix it. There will be no more stretches of four games in five nights for the players, and back–to–back games have been reduced for all the teams, with no team having more than 16, and no team having fewer than 13. And guess what else? Marquee games will no longer fall in the midst of those back to back or five games in seven nights scenarios. Let’s get it!


Beware: Deer Crossing

NBA: Milwaukee Bucks at Sacramento Kings

Like Bambi, we’ve had the privilege to watch Giannis Antetokounmpo grow up before our very eyes. My Nigerian brethren even thinks he can make a run at the MVP this year–which typically scares me away from a player– but in Giannis’ case, his swag level may be justified. Other than Khris Middleton, and an injured (expected back at the second half) Jabari Parker, the Bucks are a team filled with role players. I expect their backcourt to be better with the return of Rookie Of the Year winner Malcolm Brogdon, and the vets Brandon Rush, Jason Terry, and Gerald Green can help out on the court in addition to being good locker room guys. Don’t be surprised if they get a second seed in this year’s Eastern Conference playoffs.

Carmelo Finally gets a Mulligan


Let the Hoodie Melo-era begin. As rough as Melo’s season was last year, it was tough to feel sorry for the guy knowing that he chose to sign a huge contract extension–with a no-trade clause. Who knows how much that had to do with his family dynamic, but he took James Dolan’s money– which is like doing a deal with the devil. But Melo is free now, and he finally has some teammates in which to share the burden with Russell Westbrook and Paul George. It took me a minute to process it, but when you look at the collective star power of the three, and the incoming role players, it is hard to not to get excited about this lineup.

Oklahoma City might be pretty nasty (at least in the regular season). Presti may have finally got some players whose playing styles blend with Westbrook. Russ might average a triple double again this season with an increase in rebounds and assists and a decline in points. Paul George doesn’t have to be the man, and can just concentrate on spot up three pointers and playing defense. Andre Roberson just has to shoot a better free throw percentage to justify his playing time. Raymond Felton  (by the way, OKC finally got a decent backup point guard) can just feed Melo when Russ is taking a breather, and now the Thunder have one more lethal offensive option in endgame scenarios. Teams can’t just key in on Russ anymore and the most immediate beneficiary for that is Carmelo Anthony.

Dejounte’s Big Audition


Tony Parker’s torn quadricep may end up being a blessing in disguise. Parker stands to be a little extra rested come April (and we saw what a rested Parker was looking like before he had that season ending injury last spring). Which brings us to the precocious point guard out of Seattle, Dejounte Murray. It isn’t his time yet, but this is a pivotal opportunity for him to develop.

Murray showed flashes of a very dynamic skill set last season. He is tall, quick, a decent ball handler, and can finish around the rim. We should see an overall improvement in his game. He has had a year to see what it is like running an NBA offense, and with Kawhi Leonard handling the ball at such a high user rate, Murray won’t be asked to do more than he is capable of at this point in his career. I think he’ll show flashes of brilliance that will become more frequent as he develops into the player that we suspect he is.

Eastern Conference Still Doo-Doo


While 50 wins may not even be enough to get into the Western Conference Playoffs, we may only see four teams out east that get to 50 wins. You know Boston and Cleveland will hit their 50, but would you put money on Washington or Toronto hitting the half century mark? If you are just aching to bet on someone other than the Celtics or Cavs, I’d suggest the Bucks, which may be asking much to see an 8 game increase in win expectancy. I doubt I will be watching much basketball before 6 pm this season and that is probably a good thing. As busy as I am for the next 12 months it will be hella difficult to justify watching any scrub teams–east or western conference– this season. Life is too short.

Feels like 1996 Again


Remember when the 1996 Chicago Bulls won 72 games and they were immediately hailed as the greatest team of all time? Do you remember the very next year when they brought back almost exactly the same team except they added Robert Parish (well past his prime) and Bison Dele (RIP)? We bout to have some De Ja Vu up in this mofo (shout out to Co-founder of Steely Dan, Walter Becker who died last month).

The Warriors have managed to get better this season with the additions of (don’t laugh) Nick Young and Omri Casspi. They managed to snag a couple of bigs from Oregon out of the draft in Chris Boucher and Jordan Bell (possibly the biggest steal of the entire draft). Both players could make great pupils under the tutelage of Draymond Green and David West. Somehow Iguodala had everyone convinced that he was washed before last season started, but then he managed to stay healthy for the entire year with no major injuries. Was it luck, or conditioning and diet? His health is still the key, but what is great about the Nick Young acquisition for the Dubs is that they added yet another 6’5 ball handler to come off the bench.

Good and Terrible: The Phoenix Suns


Poor Tyson Chandler and Jared Dudley must feel like they got sent down to the junior varsity team. The Suns are a young team, which makes this the perfect place for Earl Watson to start his head coaching career. He has a chance to kick some real game to those youngsters down in Phoenix, and this is a great opportunity for him to springboard his career. No one expects Phoenix to win 40 games (at least no one sane), so what Watson will ultimately be judged on his how the players developed individually and as a team.

Under the stewardship of Robert Sarver, this franchise (from the front office to the players) has become a great farm system for the rest of the NBA.  Watson eventually leaving for a better situation is an inevitable reality, once the young studs in Phoenix play themselves into situations where they control their next NBA destination–while the Suns franchise revolve into their perpetual rebuild. I think Devin Booker will continue to get buckets, and Josh Jackson will give us a glimpse of what Andrew Wiggins would be like had he grown up in America. Also, don’t be surprised if Eric Bledsoe (reunion with Doc in L.A.?) finally gets traded this season; as Tyler Ulis and Brandon Knight’s (geezus they’ve got FOUR  Kentucky guards) combined salaries equal what Bledsoe is due to make. I’d go to a Suns game, but not for anything higher than 28 bucks (after fees).

Houston Remains Annoying


I was worried the Spurs would acquire one of my least favorite NBA players, Chris Paul, and was so relieved when Houston signed him. He is a great player and the best point guard in the league, but I’m not trying to root for that guy. Plus, Houston is such a great fit for him and his cantankerous on court personality. I thought there could be no more of an annoying scenario than watching the Chris Paul-era Clippers play the Harden-era Rockets. I was wrong.

The fascinating part of this trade is that neither the Clippers nor the Rockets got any less annoying for this season. Add Patrick Beverly to a team that already has Austin Rivers and Blake Griffin, then subtract Jamal Crawford, and voila! The Clippers got MORE annoying. For the Rockets, you’ve just put one of the biggest crybabies in the NBA and paired him up with the biggest flopper in the NBA. Good luck watching that for 82 games a year Rockets fans.

The good news for NBA fans is that Rockets are coached by Mike D’Antoni. We finally have a coach that can use Chris Paul the way God intended Paul to play basketball. Harden says he wants to just spot up and shoot, but watching the both of them run a fast break will be–at times– a thing of beauty. Also, don’t sleep on the Tarik Black and P.J. Tucker signings. The Rockets front line just quietly got bigger and meaner. Rebounding, while always important, is even more integral in a D’ANtoni  run offense, where so many shots are taken during the course of a 48 minute game. Also, is Isaiah Taylor going to get some tick playing for D’Antoni? Or is he Daniel Gibson 2.0?

Indiana is NBA Siberia


Unlike places like New York, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Miami,  Atlanta, or D.C. where a player can take solace that they are a millionaire in a premier city, Pacers players have only basketball and road  *ahem* attractions to keep their minds off the fact they play for a floundering franchise. A guy can even drown his sorrows in some delicious fried chicken in places like Charlotte and Chicago. But I can’t imagine an NBA reality worst than playing for a midwest franchise that has no chance of competing for a title.

I took a peek at the prospective depth chart of the Pacers and my first thought was, “maybe they aren’t as bad as I thought they’d be.” But then I saw that their strongest locker room personality is Lance Stephenson and that Nate McMillan is their head coach (No disrespect). They have some good young players. but I’m not sure they have enough veterans to push them through the tough times and into the playoffs. I think they’ll come close though and it will be a dogfight for that 8th seed between *YAWN* Indiana, Miami, and Charlotte. 


Jokic Might Be The Real Deal


Every time I look at the Nugget roster, I want so badly to plug them in as an eighth seed but there is no way to do it without envisioning an injury to someone in the Portland Trailblazers’ backcourt.  While Jokic may not be enough for the Nugs to be playing a home game on April 20th, I think this is the year that he turns the mainstream media’s heads–and maybe even make the All Star Team. He averaged six more points last season than he did his rookie year, and he should average 20 points a game in this one. In addition to being a decent ball handler, the young Serbian is an avid passer, averaging 4.9 assists last season and he gobbled up 9.8 rebounds a game. Jokic is in line for a monster year if he can stay healthy. If there is any slippage with Portland at all, then I think Denver will take that eighth seed for the West.

Kawhi’s MVP Campaign


My alter ego, formerly over at Fansided, predicted the jump Kawhi Leonard would make right before the beginning of last season, by midseason, NBA nerds were wide open to the San Antonio phenom. Kawhi’s metamorphosis has been nothing short of beautiful and spectacular and now that he has everyone’s attention, his game will take yet another leap. People are high on the Thunder, Rockets, and Timberwolves, but the Spurs will still win their 60 games, and it will be because Kawhi Leonard put the team on his back. He just might be Jordan 2.0, but if that is the case, then he still needs his Scottie Pippen 2.0.  Which is why he will win MVP, because of all the superstars left on title contending teams, Kawhi is the only one without a superstar to step onto the court with him.


To Be Continued…….


profile pic b mick  Bobby Mickey is the alter ego of writer and poet Edward Austin Robertson. When he isn’t involved in some basketball related activity, actively looking for parties to deejay or venues to perform comedy, he can be found recording podcasts with Craig Stein at Fullsass Studios. Follow him on twitter @goodassgame. For booking inquiries, send contact info to